Billing Services

Celerity's Billing Services can acutely shorten your revenue cycle with comprehensive billing management. We integrate your scheduling, clinical and billing modules allowing for seamless transition from the client’s intake through to payment for services.

Electronic Processing

Our team electronically processes claims for an expedited receipt, processing and claim resolution cycle.

Outstanding Communication

Our team thoroughly communicates the status of claims and any additional needs to processes outstanding items.

Daily Resolutions

Claims are followed up daily, with enthusiastic communication with insurance companies to ensure prompt payment.

Clinical Billing with Reduced Cost and Higher Return

Let our full staff of experienced medical billers do the work of 5 billers for the price of 1! Our relentless and efficient staff will do the work of an entire staff for you and recover funds you otherwise may have missed, all while saving you time, space, and most of all, money.

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We would like to extend a thank you to Celerity -we have been using your Billing Service since October 2016 and in less than a year your Billing Specialists have increased our reimbursement rate from 80% to 95%! Your team’s motivation to get the job done and the transparency in doing so has given us a greater peace of mind and allows us to run more efficiently while being more profitable. We appreciate all you have done ! Vince Mercuri, Executive Director | The Open Door

Financial Peace of Mind

With Celerity’s full Billing Services option you gain financial peace of mind and have the freedom to focus on treating your clients. Never worry about trying to find, hire and train qualified billers for in-house billing or being “in the dark” about revenue. Don’t be at the mercy of an office manager having too much control over your finances.

  • You’ll never have to worry about hiring qualified billers or staff turn-over. Celerity has a team of skilled billers supporting your facility each step of the way.
  • Celerity has full transparency: you always have full access to all your client’s accounts and information
  • Robust reporting capabilities: don’t want to browse through the system? You’ll have access to reports tailored to your needs allowing you a clear picture of your receivables, charges, aging etc. at any given time.

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We wanted to let you know our experience with your Billing Services since 2015 has been fantastic. Your biller’s attention to detail and diligence has helped our facility tremendously. You have increased our average reimbursement rate from 80% to over 92% ! When there is an issue, your staff resolves it asap. When there are questions, Annette’s communication is unparalleled and we know we can count on her. Having the ability to see the work that she is doing and view the accounts at any time is invaluable! Annette has worked very well with our staff to ensure we are receiving all revenue possible- Our billing office is running smoothly and efficiently and we thank you for that. Anne Kabatt, LCSW-R, Executive Director | Northwest Community Mental Health Center

Celerity Billing Services

Celerity’s Billing Specialists are experienced in all levels of care relevant to your practice: Inpatient, Outpatient, IOP, PHP and Day Treatment to bring the maximum reimbursement in the least amount of time. Our team’s diverse funding stream experience includes Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare and Managed Care companies as well as some county and local authority billing.

Same Day Submission

Due to the integration of our system, we can submit your claims the same day the clinician has signed the progress notes for their service. Our billing specialists submit claims 3-5 times every week depending on your facility’s needs and volume.

Electronic Processing

95% of claims are also submitted electronically meaning they are also being received, processed and paid more quickly.


Celerity’s Billing Specialists have exceptional communication with your team. Immediate notification if any action or information needed by the facility, updates on appeals, notification if COB’s are required.

Electronic Remittances

Celerity can receive and import 835 electronic remittances as well, to expedite payment and posting.

Payment Posting

Payments are posted 3-5 days per week.

Daily Resolutions

Claims resolution and follow up is performed daily. Billers are aggressive and assertive with the insurance companies to ensure prompt payment.

Outstanding Claim Resolution

Ability to run and view aging at any time with clear up-to date notes on outstanding claims and well as ability to view the dates of most recent resubmissions.


You receive advance notification of expiring authorizations, end-of-month reports, and custom financial reports tailored to your facility’s needs.


Our billers have the ability to appeal and prove medical necessity (in most cases) without facility involvement.

Loss Mitigation

Celerity can identify and prevent services from “slipping through the cracks” due to incomplete progress notes or incomplete service records.


Successfully negotiate non-par and single case agreements, acquiring more reimbursement for your facility.

General questions

We have an issue with timely filing and claims “slipping through the cracks” when it comes to following up on unpaid or denied claims. With CAM, how does my biller make sure that doesn’t happen?
CAM has customized, detailed Aging reports that allow your biller to easily identify unpaid services and identify high priority resubmissions. Custom reports based on the last time that a claim was billed, the date of service and the payor’s timely filing limits make sure they are capturing all potential revenue prior to the claims exceeding timely filing limitations.
As a supervisor, how do I know what my biller is doing regarding our outstanding charges and maximizing revenue?
In addition to aging summary reports, the supervisor can view detailed information including the last date billed as well as the billers claim rejection/activity notes. A supervisor can conveniently see each date of service and how frequently rejected claims are being corrected and resubmitted. Additional reports are available, based on your facility needs, to track service volume, revenue fluctuations, timely issues etc so you are always aware of what is happening within your billing department.
We used to use a billing service, but we want more control and transparency when it comes to our receivables but don’t necessarily want to have to bring it in-house.
Whether your facility is unfamiliar with insurance billing or if your facility does not bill “in-house” our Billing Services will help bridge the gap. Utilizing Celerity’s team of skilled Billing Specialists brings you peace of mind and transparency and most importantly, revenue. Your facility has full access to all records and reports, biller’s notes, client accounts and claims within the system which makes it a very transparent process. Experience, unparalleled communication and aggressive claims follow up will allow your office to thrive without all the overhead and worry.
Since the system is integrated with the clinical charts, how do I know that my services match the clinicians’ progress notes and how do I make sure I am getting all billable charges in a timely manner?
The Progress Notes will update any changes to “ready to bill” charges, such as the service type, session length, therapist (and more) when the note is written, ensuring that your billed charges match the clinicians’ notes. The biller (as well as the Clinical Supervisor) can also easily view services still requiring a progress note to avoid billing delays and compliance issues.
How will we know if a client is out of authorizations or if a client needs a pre-auth? Can it be tracked somehow in the system?
Services are pre-set to require authorization in the system based on your contract needs. Cam has multiple visual indicators showing a service needs an authorization when an appointment is being scheduled. A client/service without an authorization will be prevented from billing and the system will present an error code indicating that an auth is required to bill.
But how do I stay proactive on re-authorizing a client?
For clients with current authorizations, CAM provides a visible count of remaining authorized visits/ units when scheduling a client. CAM also generates a report showing all clients nearing their authorization expiration date or with a low number of authorized units remaining. Your team can be proactive and re-authorize their clients before they run out of authorized visits and therefore keeps your revenue stream uninterrupted.
Our office receives a high volume of large checks from our payors and we spend hours posting payments, how does your system handle large remittances?
In CAM you can either import electronic remittances (835 files) or manually post payments. Celerity works with multiple clearinghouses for claim submission as well as electronic remittances so if your payor provides an electronic remit, it can be imported and posted within minutes rather than hours of manually entering EOB information.
We have a lot of cash paying clients and clients with co-pays, how easy is it to collect and post those payments?
You can collect and post the payment all in one place when checking the client in for service. You can post the payment, add payment details, print a receipt and generate a current statement on the fly.

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